Sky Sounds

by Magic Castles

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Sky Sounds was recorded and mixed at The Old Blackberry Way by Neil Weir. Produced by Jason Edmonds and Neil Weir. Mastered by Bruce Templeton. Released on 180g white opaque vinyl fall of 2014 via "A" Records.

The songs "Rebecca's World" & "Trembling Hands" also appeared on a Record Store Day split single with The Brian Jonestown Massacre spring of 2014


released November 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Magic Castles Minneapolis, Minnesota

Their band name suggests vintage psychedelia, and Minnesota ensemble MAGIC CASTLES certainly don’t disappoint with their contemporary take on the formative years of the psych form. Magic Castles supplement their sparkling psych pop with pervasive drones and dreamy atmospheres. ... more

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Track Name: Trembling Hands
Deceiving hearts of gold
As they travel down the black road
And their trembling hands couldn't keep it up
And their trembling hands couldn't keep it up

See them laughing, dancing in rain
Crystals refracting lightening insane
And their trembling hands have been lifted up
And their trembling hands have been lifted up
Track Name: Sky Sounds
The night breaks nice and clean
Sky sounds aquamarine
oh, don't you wake me
from this dream

You build me up and tear me down
drag my body all over town
oh, why can't you see
you're losing me

You left me here with all my fears
several minutes seem like years
oh, won't you come back?
come back to me

I could be everything you want me to be
but I'll only be that what you see
oh, won't you slow down?
and be with me

The roof shakes, the foundation breaks
The sky falls and the sirens call
Oh, the end-all-be-all
the end of me

Last call for short and tall
The rise and fall, final curtain call
Oh, you're on your way down
down to me

Get in the car and race real far
we'll play sitar under the stars
Oh, won't you come with?
come with me

The night breaks nice and clean
the sky sounds aquamarine
Oh, don't you wake me
from this dream

don't you wake me
why can't you see?
won't you come back?

won't you slow down?
won't you slow down?
Track Name: Dragonfly
First time I saw her
She stuck in my mind
and I thought of her
all the time

Super nova lily lady
will you walk with me
hand in hand we shall walk
by the sea

The primrose shines
and the ivy climbs
and the dragonflies
land on dandelions

Lily's all bend
and blossom for thee
as the sunbeams dance
on the waves of the sea

Timeless she walks
like a shadow amongst the trees
spinning lotus flower
a loving memory

Harken to the sound
of all that's meant to be
let the beauty we love
be all that we see
Track Name: Silent
Every day I call you to see
now you lie there, nowhere, silently
what a shame to see
where you've been
and will never be again

Were we that one
who will ever know
Silent, restless,
nowhere mutually
what a shame to see
true love is free
cannot breath again

we lay silent
no one knows
nobody answers
what a foolish game

you think you're above it
until you're below
gambling loving
with nothing,
no place, nowhere
no place left to go
Track Name: Rebecca's World
Rebecca walks into the room
with her eyes closed
stumbles into the table
see the flowers hit the floor
walks up to her father's
astral telescope

If you look you'll see her
riding a star to a place
she calls Rebecca's World
Rebecca's World

Puts her eye up to the lens
of the astral telescope
See the planet growing larger
now she's smaller than she was before
falling through the sky
the world is around her now

If you look you'll see her
riding a star to a place
she calls Rebecca's World
Rebecca's World

Its a place where she goes
to get away from the pain
fall to Rebecca's World

to Rebecca's World
to Rebecca's World
Track Name: White Stone
In the book it is written
it is written, a new name

in the stone is the first spark,
the first spark a new life

its a a type of shiny water
shiny water, a new name

queen of cups, she is calling
she is calling your new name

she shall tell a story
tell a story of the white stone

in the sky two lights shining
two lights shining
the fiery crown
Track Name: Mole People
Save your love for the brotherly love
fix your eyes to the sky above
theres more to this life than what you can see
create a prison or set yourself free

fragile hearts undone
clouds can block the sun
underground you'll seek
dark obscurity

turn your back on the light of the sun
that song you sing can't be unsung
all that was and all that will be
will the antagonist you always be?

fragile hearts undone
clouds block the sun
underground you'll seek
dark obscurity
Track Name: Wander
you weave elaborate tapestries
to hide your pitiful realities
I wonder where she went last night
I wonder why he doesn't mind

we had nothing more than what we had
why should it be more than what we had
I guess I just can't see the light
but you insist that its alright

the stars seem to say
you can leave today
you can just walk away
and baby it will be ok but
I wonder.. I wonder.. I wonder

sunday and monday
tuesday and wednesday
thursday and friday
saturday and sunday
I wonder, I wander, I wonder

I wander... I wander...